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  • Go Mobile The Easy Way

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    In the next few years, more people will be interacting with your website on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets than on their desktop computers. I can build or redesign your your site to flex with these new mediums seemlessley.

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  • Client Testimonials:

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    "Nick Kovacevich did a top-notch job designing the professional homepage for our production company…He was able to quickly come up with a coherent theme that not only made our page sleek and modern, but that reinforces our product and artistic style."

    Mark Austin Heim Founder

    "Nick is, hands down, the most professional person I've ever worked with. Like a good news story, he'd tell you what he was going to do, he'd do it, then he'd send a summary/update telling you what he did."

    Jenn Ramsey Information Architect

Let's Go Mobile

Mobile Sites

Want your website to look great on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones? No problem! I am a strong advocate for reflexive web design and find it crucial to make sure your website can flex with a plethora of devices that your potential customers use. In fact this site can sense your screen size. Feel free to try viewing it on your tablet and smartphone.

WordPress, CMS and You


Having a blog or a website that you can log into and update is a powerful tool for getting your message across when you want and how you want. I have worked with a number of enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS) and Wordpress has been the best for my clients. It has an award winning dashboard for users and it has an amazing amount of plug-ins that quickly add rich functionality.

Want to Sell Online?


If you are looking to sell a small number of items on a basic site then I recommend my Basic eCommerce package that features PayPal integration. On the other hand, if you want a full online store experience, then I suggest you get the Pro eCommerce package with the Business Catalyst (BC) suite from Adobe. With BC, we can build anything from powerful online stores, beautiful brochure-ware sites to lead generation mini-sites. If you are serious about selling online, then this is the best tool at the best price.