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About Me


My name is Nick Kovacevich and I am a web designer and developer based in San Francisco and the silicon valley. Currently, I work at FirstRain on Web Development and UI. During my career, I have worked for,,,, and produced many smaller business sites for clients across the globe.

I am certified through the W3Schools in conjunction the W3C.

I have worked for a wide range of companies and clients and have developed a clean usable style for my designs and code. To me, code is art and I treat my wedsites as such. Well commented, clean code is a hallmark of my sites. Reflexive design and scalability are just as important and that's why I am now building my sites with HTML5 and CSS3. This means better performance, easier access on mobile devices and faster build times. It also means that music and video can be played without Flash and work well on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. All my sites from now on will able to display the following badge:

HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, Multimedia, and Semantics