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Freelance Work

Mark Austin Heim Photography


Mark and Chris we some of the best clients I've ever had. They were amazing to work with and very talented professionals.

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Simi Dhillon, a contractor for the World Health Organization, needed a developer to translate their photoshop designs into a clean and usable website for the redesign of I was more than happy to oblige. It's not every day you get to work on a site for a great cause and a client of that magnitude.

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Michael Kovacevich Photography


My dad has been taking fantasitc nature and portrait photography for decades. Once I felt competent to make him a site that could showcase his work, I constructed one using a minimalistic look reminiscant of his handwritting style.

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Green Bridges


I have always dreamt about working on an agricultural site since I come from the central valley of California and grew up working on a farm. Greenbridges was fantastic to work with and I built a site that used a lot of newer design techniques like sprites and jQuery sliders.

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Comartin Cellars

Comartin Cellars

I've always wanted to make a site for a winery. Lucky for me, Comartin Cellars needed a site. They also make amazing Grenache. With their site, I tried to capture the branding colors and use them in the typography. The dark background and warm body area were designed to draw the eye to the content with out using sharp black and white hues.

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